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“You don’t need love, you are love.”

There is so much beauty in stillness. It surrounds us, offering itself like a playful puppy; all you need to offer in return is the attention it requires to grow. And within you it will grow. A relationship built on connection. That is the foundation for/of love.

As I take a sip of this warm ginger tea it envelopes my inner world, the way that it does, and intended to. It sends signals to my body that the time has come to rise and respond with excitement that a new day has begun; and to awaken my cells, who respond in kind by tingling to attention, ready for the experiences that lay ahead. I ingest another sip, the tingling increases. What a beautiful reciprocal relationship they have. Give – receive – repeat. It is imperative that one begins with giving (action) in order for the receiving (reaction) to occur (and if we alternate that order, we can understand the opposite and negative way in which it would operate). In fact, I think the relationship would be quite different, toxic even, if the first thing I ingested was Coca-Cola, or coffee for that matter (or anything that I am expecting something from, rather than allowing or appreciating).

Looking out to the horizon, I see lush farmland, animals freely roaming, trees swaying in the morning breeze, all shades of green, and yellow, and blue sky. The ultimate offeror, the Sun, who began this relationship, warms my back. As I sit writing these words, the world is calm, & still, the birds singing are its soundtrack. Again, a relationship started by the act of giving.

Giving isn’t easy… sometimes. Sometimes, we find ourselves in places & spaces where all we want to feel is whole again. So, we take & take in a hope to fill that void. But, it never works. In fact, all we have done is made greater the void to fill when we come to the understanding that all we need is love (da da da da daa) … That love starts from giving and giving starts from within.

So, perhaps, giving is easy – it simply requires you to put somebody else first. To desire their smile. To revel in their happiness, joy, accomplishments & achievements. Imagine a world where everybody wanted others to succeed before they did, to thrive on life, to feel loved… it’s easy, if you try.

But, don’t worry, that ‘somebody else’ can be yourself (if you’re in need of a little, or a lot, of self-love). But, mark my words, the easiest & quickest way to feel good about yourself is to do something nice for someone else.

The outcome is the same because the give is the same. What goes in will come out. It is only if we focus our efforts on the taking will the cycle of love be corrupted.

“Give with the hope that it shall return and the knowledge that you don’t need it to.”

But… there is a trick to this whole process that perhaps not many are fully aware of. You see, like what is happening, & will happen, with the universe expanding (giving) & contracting (giving), there will be a moment when all matter will stop moving one way and transition to move in the other – that moment is the secret. That moment is Ours, to revel, to swim in all the beauty, & light, & possibilities of love – the love you gave. That moment is no one else’s but yours; to be fully enveloped and released of all force to flow! That moment is what is known as the Present; & it is with you now, & forever, always.

Reap what you sow.


For my Jenna on February 14th, 2018

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