Bon Iver


Story: There aren’t many moments I have captured which evoke such a strong emotion as this one. When working with water (make that the power of moving water) and the dance we share with the wind, there is a moment of perfect harmony between it all and, if we’re lucky enough, we’re there & ready to capture it. In this image, all elements, including my connection to them, are one. This one is very special… that’s why I named it Good Winter.


If you are interested in more of the story of this piece &/or its price, contact me directly:


All images in the limited-edition InSignificance collection taken in Iceland. Images were named after the music we were listening to at the time that made each moment unique and evocative. A truly inspiring journey that, in purchasing this limited-edition piece, you buy a moment in time that will never happen again.


Limited Edition  1/3 (Only 2 available)
Dimensions: A2 (600 x 420); fully framed, printed on stone


All proceeds from the sale of this image support This Could Be Anywhere in the World, a global film initiative supporting women refuges and families of domestic abuse.


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The InSignificance limited-edition collection produced by OnStone Australia:


OnStone is made from reclaimed raw materials that are up-cycled and repurposed to create a character filled stone surface.


The mix of reclaimed timbers and stone with specialist UV inks result in a fine art quality image that is scratch and water resistant; has uninterrupted depth and, as there is no glass, no reflection.


The handmade OnStone prints are an individual and distinctive alternative to canvas, paper or glass prints, each with its own character and charm.



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