‘InSignificance’: The Captain




This beautifully presented 38-page photography book has been in development for some time & has now come to fruition thanks to the great support of graphic designer, Scott Rooney, to support the This Could Be Anywhere in the World Global Film Initiative.


Bright white with a soft toothy finish, this high quality paper is designed, and approved by HP, for Indigo presses. Offering strong ink hold-out and extra bulkiness, Knight Vellum Digital – Indigo is the perfect choice for communications that require elegance, strength and beauty.


The photography essay within these pages was captured on location during a once-in-a-lifetime road-adventure throughout “the land of ice & fire” – Iceland.


The Captain, the short moral story inspired by true events, was written during the aforementioned adventure.


As you will witness amongst the crisp pages, the cusp of the Summer/Winter solstice delivered some of the most breathtaking moments between nature & my lens – moments that will never ever happen again; moments that I am grateful to have been a part of; moments that I am grateful to give to you.


With every purchase, you are supporting the This Could Be Anywhere In the World Global Film Initiative – a film project by The Stampede Trail raising awareness and support for women’s community shelters all over the world – for women & families affected by domestic abuse.


Thank you.

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